Hosting a Mapathon

A mapathon is a unique and engaging opportunity for volunteers to digitally connect and map the most vulnerable places in the developing world so that local and international NGOs can use these comprehensive maps and data to better respond to crises affecting these areas. Digital volunteer engagement is vital for the success of many humanitarian organizations around the world in responding to disasters. It is imperative to have a larger pool of trained volunteers that are ready to assist with little coordination when a disaster occurs. Check out the videos below to learn more about what a mapathon is and how to host one.

What is a Mapathon?
How to Host a Mapathon
How Can Missing Maps Help?

We can provide your team with local or remote support to help coordinate and manage your event. Contact the Missing Maps Coordinator with your event date and location so that we can help you with following:

  1. Pick a Mapping Task - Connect with us for a suggested list of the most pressing tasks to map at your event.
  2. Live Presentations - Connect with us to see if a a staff person either in person or via online streaming is able to present Missing Maps.
  3. Training Guidance - Connect with us to see if a staff person can assist with in person or via online streaming to walk through the training with attendees.
  4. Registration Guidance - We can provide you with tools and tips on how to register and keep track of attendees.
  5. Register Your Event - Add your mapathon event info to the Missing Maps Website and the Wiki Pages.
  6. Collaborate with your local Missing Maps partner organization – we can connect you with local Missing Maps partner organizations to help find mapping experts and handle translation services when available and appropriate.
Preparation Checklist

Book a space

Strong Wifi to allow for Simultaneous Access

Contact Missing Maps for a Suggested List of Mapping Tasks

Tables and Chairs


Laptop and Mouse

Extension Cords and Computer Cables

Registration Table


Recruit Friends and Volunteers to Help with Logistics

Tweet about it

Event Day Checklist

Set up room

Set up registration table with name tags, brochures, and method to sign people in

Test equipment to make sure its all working

Tape extension cords to the floor for safety

Place Table Top guides on each table

Make sure you have contact info for tech or support staff in your event space

Confirm food and drink orders

Have fun mapping

Have volunteers complete the Volunteer Survey.

Mapathon Support

Scroll down to find a list of people who are willing to help support Mapathons! You can filter by language and support type using the dropdowns. Zooming the map will hide the in-person support outside of the map view.

Volunteer to help out by adding your contact info to the map.

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